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  •  A female acrobat wraps her hands around a male acrobat's neck as he maintains a straight, rigid, feet-up form while suspended from aerial straps.
  • Four acrobats juggle pins atop a set resembling a building with windows while two performers sit in the openings and watch.
  • An acrobat outstretches her legs in opposite directions and bends her head and neck back while holding on to a hula hoop that's suspended from ropes.
  • An acrobat hanging by his wrists from two suspended ropes swings low over four performers laying on the stage.
  • Circus performers hold flashlights on a performer who plays with a yo-yo.
  • Two performers hold their hands up ready to catch a third acrobat who falls into their arms from a suspended rope.

Flip FabriQue
Catch Me!

10:00 am Thursday, October 12, 2017
50 minutes

Flip FabriQue is an impossibly cool experience for young theatregoers. The French-Canadian troupe, founded by a group of friends who are professional circus artists, combines high-flying aerial antics with the gravity-defying, one-of-a-kind trampowall. Catch Me! is filled with dramatic movements that demonstrate mental focus, confidence, trust, and teamwork. Flip FabriQue’s dream is to unleash the artists’ full potential through the creation of circus shows that reflect unique images drawn from their personal experiences.

PA Academic Standards: 
Arts and Humanities
Science and Technology
Career Education and Work
Key Learning Areas: 
Technologies in the Arts
Forces and Motion
Cooperation and Teamwork
Artist Websites: 

support provided by
McQuaide Blasko Endowment

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