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  • Night Train 57 featuring Dan Zanes, Claudia Eliaza, and Yuriana Sobrino

Night Train 57
A Sensory-Friendly Comic Folk Opera
Featuring Dan Zanes, Claudia Eliaza, and Yuriana Sobrino

4:00 pm Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Enter the freewheeling musical world of Grammy Award-winning singer Dan Zanes, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Claudia Eliaza, and percussionist Yuriana Sobrino for Night Train 57, an interactive comic folk opera that takes audiences on a far-out ride to the galaxies and back.

During a joyous dusk-to-dawn trip through the stars, passengers discover the power of friendship and community with the sounds of twenty-first-century handmade sing-along music. It’s an adventure that welcomes travelers of all ages and every sensory level.

Festive original folk singing—backed by guitar, trombone, mandolin, flute, harmonica, ukulele, and percussion—power the train. Homespun sets and video projections generate an intergalactic atmosphere. Expect to visit psychedelic stars, navigate the challenges of whimsical space travel, and celebrate communal music-making while singing, laughing, and dancing toward a deeper understanding of life’s best possibilities.

Night Train 57 is designed to create a performing arts experience welcoming to all families, including those who have children with autism spectrum disorders or other sensory sensitivities.

Go to sensory to learn about the modifications being made to help this show be welcoming to everyone.

support provided by
McQuaide Blasko Endowment

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This presentation is part of the Center for the Performing Arts Diversity and Inclusion Collaborative, which seeks to: immerse an array of people in the performing arts; educate the community about cultures and art forms different from the familiar; influence thinking so we become a community that embraces diversity and promotes inclusion; ensure the activities of the collaborative have a sustainable impact on the community. Funds from across Penn State and throughout the community support the initiative. The University’s Equal Opportunity Planning Committee provides lead funding. Sandra Zaremba and Richard Brown provide support.

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Secondary Events on Each Event

Kids Connections

3:00 pm Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Eisenhower Auditorium

Kids Connections, which is free for ticket holders and includes a craft-centered, child-friendly activity, takes place one hour before the performance. Due to space and time restrictions, Kids Connections participation is limited.