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Night Train 57 is a sensory-friendly comic folk opera for everyone. The show is designed to create a performing arts experience welcoming to all families, including young children, people with autism spectrum disorders, and folks with other sensory sensitivities. A relaxed atmosphere will be established, where singing along and wiggling in your seat are expected.  

We’ll be making modifications to Eisenhower Auditorium and our house policies for the show.

Calming Room

Our conference room will be a safe space with soft seating and toys in which, if someone needs to leave the performance, he/she can watch the show on a monitor. 

Pacing Rows

We’ll set aside rows in which no one will be seated so that patrons can walk freely, if they desire, without disturbing other audience members.


The performance will strive to create a calm setting. Earplugs will be available at the audience services desk and from ushers. Patrons may also bring their own headphones.

House Lights

They’ll remain on during the show.

Open Seating

We’ll provide a section in which you can re-seat yourself, should you wish, during the performance.

Digital Screens

The lobby digital screens will not be showing videos and other content. During the performance, they will show the video feed of what’s taking place on stage.

Meet Your Seat

Want to see where you’ll be sitting? Phone Kelly Kaiserian, audience services manager, to arrange a time to visit the auditorium before the day of the show.

Questions and Requests

We know we can’t anticipate everything that an audience member might need, so please feel free to contact us.

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