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Event Slides Per Node 1415

  • A collage of two photos features a dancer in mid-air with his legs bent at the knees and calves pulled close to his body, and two dancers crouch in a strong, low stance and closely face each other.
  • In a scene from “Elemental,” by Robyn Mineko Williams, a dancer lays on his side on the ground while another dancer bends over at the waist and points his right leg up and their hands meet.
  • In a scene from “Woman with Water,” by Mats Ek, a dancer using one hand to hold himself above and parallel to a table stretches both legs in opposite directions while a woman stands and watches.
  • In a scene from “Stillness in Bloom,” four dancers standing in a circle hold hands and lean their heads back.

Malpaso Dance Company
An Associate Company
of Joyce Theater Productions

7:30 pm Thursday, September 29, 2022

Since it was established in 2012, Malpaso Dance Company has become one of Cuba’s most acclaimed ensembles and has a growing international reputation. Emphasizing a collaborative creative process, Malpaso works with leading international choreographers while nurturing new voices in Cuban choreography. 

The company tours with eleven dancers and is led by its original founders: resident choreographer and Artistic Director Osnel Delgado, Executive Director Fernando Sáez, and dancer and co-founder Daileidys Carrazana.

Scheduled program:

  • Lullaby for Insomnia by Daile Carrazanna
  • woman with water by Mats Ek
  • Stillness in Bloom by Aszure Barton
  • Elemental by Robyn Mineko Williams

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18 and Younger $19

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Debra Lee Latta and Dr. Stanley E. Latta Endowment
Penn State International Dance Ensemble Endowment

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