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  • Twelve musicians each stand with their left arm raised and holding a drumstick while their drums hang from a strap around their shoulders.
  • A drummer stands in between two dancers while they kneel and lock their right hands together.
  • A group of musicians with drums strapped to their shoulders hold their arms above their heads or straight in front of them while they stand in a circle and look at the audience.
  • Four musicians point at a percussionist standing in the middle of them while he plays his drum.

Che Malambo

7:30 pm Thursday, March 15, 2018

Che Malambo, a powerhouse all-male Argentinian dance company, excites audiences with its percussive dance and music spectacle.

Malambo is a dynamic blend of precision footwork, rhythmic stomping, drumming, and song that originated in the seventeenth century in the South American pampas (lowland plains). It evolved from competitive duels among Argentine gauchos (South American cowboys) that tested agility, strength, and dexterity. It soon came to include what is now its hallmark, zapeteo, a fast-paced footwork inspired by the rhythm of galloping horses. Malambo also features the drumming of traditional Argentine bombos and whirling boleadoras (throwing weapons made of intertwined cords and weighted with stones).

Che Malambo, born from the heart of the gaucho tradition, is now thrilling audiences around the world with a new production created by director and choreographer Gilles Brinas.

Adult $38
University Park Student $15
18 and Younger $28

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The Passionate Supporters of Dance

support provided by
Penn State International Dance Ensemble Endowment

This presentation is part of the Center for the Performing Arts Diversity and Inclusion Collaborative, which seeks to: immerse an array of people in the performing arts; educate the community about cultures and art forms different from the familiar; influence thinking so we become a community that embraces diversity and promotes inclusion; ensure the activities of the collaborative have a sustainable impact on the community. Funds from across Penn State and throughout the community support the initiative. The University’s Equal Opportunity Planning Committee provides lead funding. Sandra Zaremba and Richard Brown provide support.

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Artistic Viewpoints

6:30 pm Thursday, March 15, 2018

Eisenhower Auditorium

Artistic Viewpoints, an informal moderated discussion featuring a visiting artist or artists, is offered one hour before the performance and is free for ticket holders. Artistic Viewpoints regularly fills to capacity, so seating is available on a first-arrival basis.