Penn State College of Arts and Architecture
Center for the Performing Arts at Penn State


The Center for the Performing Arts is much more than the music, theatre, and dance performances you see on stage. Through an array of free and low-cost engagement activities, the Center for the Performing Arts brings together artists, students, teachers, community members, academics, ideas, and imagination.

We engage artists and various communities in this way because we believe these activities provide more meaningful, deeper, and impactful experiences for both artist and participants. We are committed to giving voice to global perspectives to provide a connection to the wider world for our patrons and participants.

To learn more about the varied ways we accomplish this goal, click on the appropriate button. We’d love to hear from you with a request for a custom-designed engagement activity for your constituency, whether that’s Penn State students, elder adults, preschool children, or your book club.

Looking forward to a beautiful collaboration.