Penn State College of Arts and Architecture
Center for the Performing Arts at Penn State


Schneider smiles and leans against a window.

Maria Schneider, who NPR describes as “a national treasure,” calls her own shots.

Ballora smiles for a photo.

Audial information—assigning a sound to data—is a part of the modern world.

Watkins stands in a forest glade with her jacket hanging on her shoulder and the sun shining behind her.

Patty Griffin, Sara Watkins, and Anaïs Mitchell are coming to the Center for the Performing Arts at Penn State for a celebration of American songwriting and performance.

Brushy One String wears a large brimmed hat and sits in front of his guitar with one string.

Brushy One String is Jamaica’s off-the-beaten-path national treasure. He’s so lo-fi, he plays his guitar with one string. He’s far from a rock star, but he turns heads when he plays.

Cullen, dressed as a baker, holds up a loaf of bread from his basket.

Ben Cullen, who graduated from Penn State in 2014, works as a baker, a knife, and a gargoyle. But sometimes he can be a hairy brute and a narcissist.