Penn State College of Arts and Architecture
Center for the Performing Arts at Penn State
A musician holds up a percussion instrument made from large upcycled aluminum food cans.

Upcycled Instrument Jam Session

5:00 pm Tuesday, April 5, 2022

3 Dots Downtown
137 E. Beaver Ave., State College

FREE and open to the public

Partners: 3 Dots Downtown; Penn State School of Music’s Composition and Research of the Arts, Recording, and Sound (ROARS) programs; and assistant professors Baljinder Sekhon (composition) and Steven Rice (ROARS)

This three-hour event begins with a trash-to-music workshop. Penn State students will showcase their upcycled instruments and original compositions. They’ll join with artists from Small Island Big Song to discuss why they make instruments from upcycled and found materials, the importance of acknowledging where materials come from, and how music unites cultures and can be used as an agent of change.

3 Dots Downtown is a vibrant space that hosts artistic and innovative experiences. It aims to inspire a more vibrant community by promoting local arts, cultivating innovative experiences, and offering an inclusive and welcoming community space.