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  • A man and woman each wrap their arms around stuffed penguins and look at the camera while another couple watch from behind.
  • A woman stands next to a stuffed penguin and watches her male counterpart recite lines.
  • A man stands and holds a wooden box while another man crouches next to a stuffed penguin.
  • A man stands and looks upward while three people around him position stuffed penguins on his shoulders, arms and head.
  • A man looks to his left at three people in assembly-line position while they paint stuffed penguins.
  • A man wearing a suit jacket gestures to three actors each standing in front of two stuffed penguins.

Mr. Popper’s Penguins
Based on the book by Richard and Florence Atwater

10:00 am Monday, February 12, 2018
60 minutes


In the town of Stillwater live the pleasant and practical Mr. and Mrs. Popper. Sometimes Mr. Popper dreams of going on adventures. When he writes to his idol Admiral Drake—explorer, circumnavigator of the globe, and visitor to the South Pole—Mr. Popper receives a surprise package. It’s a bunch of boisterous penguins! This new musical, based on the classic Newbery Honor Book from 1939, teaches that unexpected strains and creative solutions can make a family, and that dreams can have surprising endings.

PA Academic Standards: 
Arts and Humanities
Science and Technology
Environment and Ecology
Family and Consumer Sciences
Key Learning Areas: 
Creativity and Invention
Interactions Between People and Places
Biological Sciences
Ecosystems and Their Interactions
Stages of the Family
Global Competency
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