Penn State College of Arts and Architecture
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Shirley Sacks smiles wearing glasses and a flower patterned scarf in front of a brick wall.

Shirley Sacks recalls being reluctant to retire in State College.

“I thought that there was mostly a ‘Rah, rah’ Penn State football culture,” she says.

A group of musicians ride a small sail boat along the Nile River.

The Nile Project uses music to raise awareness of the cultural and environmental challenges along Africa’s mighty river.

A woman sings on a dark stage wearing a glowing hooded cloak made of feathers.

Kate Turner, a 2012 graduate of Penn State with a bachelor of fine arts degree in Musical Theatre, returns to University Park on Monday, April 20, in the touring Broadway production of CAMELOT

Seventeen students and their teacher stand in a school stairwell.

“Snow day!” Those words usually excite students, but a group of youngsters at St.

Rosanne Cash looks down in a dark room wearing a black cardigan and a bright pink blouse.

“You have to love the thread.” Alabama clothing designer Natalie Chanin’s comment concerned sewing. But to Rosanne Cash’s ear, those six words came to symbolize the fabric of life.