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Special Delivery: Subversive Adventures for Children in Their Homes.

Center for the Performing Arts at Penn State 
presents Jessica Wilson’s Special Delivery

Special Delivery was created with Marcia Ferguson, with design by Lee Bergemeestre. This project was originally commissioned by the City of Melbourne’s ArtPlay program.

Available for purchase through April 23, 2021

One Special Delivery subscription gives you six weekly projects delivered via postal service direct to a child/family. This engagement is an at-home, self-led activity. No Zoom links are involved. Each project contains as many as fifteen instruction cards inside its own red project envelope. With easy steps, each child—the cardholder—embarks on an artistic process that guides them to reconsider what we expect, tap into feelings, enlist adults, and activate their imagination in new ways.

Left: Hands open an envelope. Middle: Contents of the envelope on display. Right: A child arranges objects around an adult who is laying on the floor.

Projects include:

Week 1: My Adult’s Head: child arranges objects around a lying down adult for a photo portrait (photography).

Week 2: Whispering Rooms: child creates characters and relationships for rooms in their home (writing).

Week 3: The Gifted Talisman: child assembles a sculpture to help an adult with something they need (sculpture).

Week 4: The Opposite Me: child considers how they are seen by others then role plays an opposite self (acting).

Week 5: Stuff Adults Have to Do: child directs adults to create a photo series of something the adult loves or hates doing at home (photography, directing).

Week 6: My Own Monster: Child turns their fears into a creature (writing and drawing).

Special Delivery Project Mailing Dates:

March 15 and 22 
April 5, 12, 19, and 26

For Grown Ups: What to Expect:

Your child will receive six projects, each made up of approximately fifteen cards, in a red envelope. The projects are designed to take roughly half an hour each. The project cards encourage kids to make choices on their own without adult opinion. Some are designed as a creative and playful way to explore the parent/child relationship. This often involves reversing roles so that the child is the one in control and you, the adult, are surrendering control.

By purchasing the Special Delivery cards, you assume responsibility for your child’s activities. You should intervene if you are uncomfortable with any of their choices for any reason.

Instructions that you might want to be aware of include the use of scissors, searching for and moving objects, taking a photograph while standing on a chair, drinking or pretending to drink a chosen beverage, and dressing up. The activities are in the context of playful games and role plays. They promote healthy growth of independent thinking. Every home and family dynamic is different. While we encourage you to let your child take control of the Special Delivery projects, you are responsible for their safety.

Honey and Bill Jaffe Endowment for Audience Development 
McQuaide Blasko Endowment


$64 for a six-week subscription
(Only one subscription required per household.)

Gift subscriptions

Press the SUBSCRIBE button above to purchase a subscription to Special Delivery. You only need to buy one subscription per family. If purchasing multiple subscriptions as gifts, please purchase them separately. On the purchase site, you’ll see a section of questions. In that section, please provide the name and address of the child for whom you are purchasing a subscription. We need the information because the subscription will be mailed directly to the child. If you have questions, contact the Arts Ticket Center at artstix@psu.edu or 814-863-0255.