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  • A dancer wears a foam costume resembling a caterpillar as he looks to a leaf dangling from above.
  • Two dancers hold violins decorated as faces in front of their heads.
  • A dancer wearing a ruffled-fabric costume resembling seahorse stands next to a ruffled poof lying on the stage.

you & me

10:00 am Monday, April 9, 2018
50 minutes

For more than forty years, the Swiss mime troupe MUMMENSCHANZ has shared its special way of looking at things in a language that can be understood across the world. MUMMENSCHANZ builds on the mime tradition begun in ancient Greece. Playful movement and imagery create pictures of ideas in our minds without the use of speech. Lighting, shadows, and masks are used to fine effect on a mostly bare stage for actors who use only their body motions to give human qualities to objects and creatures. MUMMENSCHANZ never fails to surprise and delight audiences with its playful acting, visual poetry, and the gift of the extraordinary—and increasingly rare—power of silence.

PA Academic Standards: 
Arts and Humanities
Health, Safety, and Physical Education
Science and Technology
Key Learning Areas: 
Concepts, Principles, and Strategies of Movement
Inquiry and Design
Styles and Genre in the Arts
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