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On ‘purpose’: Artists reflect on women’s empowerment in the arts

In 2019, women continue to contribute their talents to the realm of politics, to the fight against indignity and injustice, and to the growing number of leadership roles in society. For women artists around the world, the performing arts provide an opportunity for self-empowerment, which might result in improved economic, educational, and social spheres.

The Center for the Performing Arts recognizes this position. Our 2018–19 season features women of all ages, cultures, genres, and disciplines in leadership and supporting-artist roles. The scheduled events represent the success women artists and allies have found through determination, despite hardship, and with the help of supporters. When you support women artists, you recognize their challenges, validate their talents, and help them to advance their achievements.

Throughout the season, the Center for the Performing Arts will post passages here from some of the visiting artists and related contributors that share their thoughts on a variety of topics, including their role in the arts, the path toward empowerment, and their thoughts on feminism.